Welcome to Wrigleyville

Welcome to Missio Dei Wrigleyville!


Join us for our annual Egg Hunt at Blaine Elementary field on Southport!
All ages are welcome!
Saturday, March 31st
11:30 and 12pm



This year we want to call our community to observe and participate in Holy Week with more intentionality. To that end, we will be adding a Wednesday and Thursday gathering to our normally scheduled activities, where we will retrace the final events of JESUS’ life before he was crucified.  We believe that this will be a robust time of immersing ourselves in the story of God and growing our hearts in affection as we do.

Find out details on the NEWS page!

Sunday Gatherings

Church isn’t a Sunday morning service. It is a family desiring to join GOD in HIS renewal in Chicago. As a family of JESUS living in Chicago, we believe our Sunday Gatherings are an opportunity to connect with community, to be reminded again and again of the grace of GOD for broken people, and to imagine together what it might look like to join GOD as HE makes all things new in us, in our neighborhoods, and throughout our world.