Welcome to Wrigleyville

Sunday Gatherings

Church isn’t a Sunday morning service. It is a family desiring to join GOD in HIS renewal in Chicago. As a family of JESUS living in Chicago, we believe our Sunday Gatherings are an opportunity to connect with community, to be reminded again and again of the grace of GOD for broken people, and to imagine together what it might look like to join GOD as HE makes all things new in us, in our neighborhoods, and throughout our world.

Gospel Communities

We believe that sustained life-change happens within the context of community. And so in keeping with who JESUS is, why HE came, and how HE carried out HIS mission, Missio Dei exists as a church of gospel communities. It's through these groups of 10-15 people, meeting in homes during the week throughout the city, that we are joining GOD as HE makes all things new. Our dream is to be missional outposts in the midst of where we live and play as we experience the power of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST together.

Want to Join a Gospel Community?

SELAH Summer 2017

KINGDOM SONGS, a summer focus on the Psalms, is an invitation to Missio Dei to participate in the kingdom of GOD by learning afresh how to pray, celebrate, yearn, lament and abide in the presence of the living GOD as the people of GOD.